Guitar hero like color matching game.
You can play it on android by pressing here

There are 3 main colors for press. For each main color you should press same color. And for example if orange is coming you should press red and yellow together.

Keys are:
Red -> A or 1 or Left_Arrow
Yellow -> S or 2 or Up_Arrow or Down_Arrow
Blue -> D or 3 or Right_Arrow
Back -> Esc

Note: Saving game takes a while on browsers. So if you close last plays may not be saved!

Also available on


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Not a bad game but when i want to hit purple color its just hiting orange or green. Like its 0.000001 sec between A+W and D (or A and W+D) and its just counting like mistake

First i tried then i said he should probably pressed wrong keys. Then i realised there is a typo in description. Game is working well but instead of A i wrote W there. Sorry for that :)